To Life and Strength!

HAPPY EASTER!!!!  For everyone else, hope you enjoyed this lovely weekend!  Beautiful weather here in southern California.  Amanda and I spent Friday night having dinner with friends and Saturday celebrating my nephew’s 7th birthday.  Don’t tell me what he got… okay, he got an iPad mini.  I’m sure people have mixed emotions about it, but it’s just a tool and my sister is pretty conscious of making sure her kids are well rounded.  She has even asked me for advice on the best sports her kids should be involved in for optimal physical development.  Trust me, for the oldest sibling to ask the youngest one for advice, it’s not easy!

Love these kids!

Love these kids!

I want to welcome you to my new blog site.  Frankly, it’s simpler, easier to use, and looks better.  With over 4,000 views I thought I need to make a change as I look to the future.  I hope you like it.

Fitness has been a large part of my life since my childhood and I delved into this field, professionally speaking, in 2009.  The more I learn, the more I feel I don’t know, which further drives me to learn.  The countless hours I have spent in the weight room training high school athletes and on the floor at commercial gyms training everyday people has allowed me to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.  I am not an expert in my field, as it is a work in progress, however, I will continue to share with you what I have learned personally, professionally, and/or from experts.  And selfishly, this time allows me to reflect, learn, and to further develop my writing skill.

Must read book!

For one of my books on my reading list, I have the audio version and listen to it during my commute.  If you haven’t read it, I guarantee it will change your life for the better if you apply it to your life.  Yes, I said it.  You have to apply it.  What’s the point of reading if you don’t apply an important concept or two to improving your life.  Having read this book previously, I felt I needed a better grasp of concepts so that I can better apply it.  Listening to Stephen Covey discuss his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I couldn’t help but think of things that are most important in my life, needs of people, and mission statement.

Here is a list of the most important things in my life in no particular order:

  • Family (includes my significant other of course!)
  • Career growth/professional development
  • Financial stability
  • Personal/spiritual development
  • Health/fitness

If there is one thing I need to get better at that will help me in the things I deemed as most important, it is to get better at forging relationships.  I hate to categorize myself, but based on personality, I would say that I am an introvert.  After a long work week, usually I would prefer relaxing by reading books rather than going out.  I don’t know if it has to do with not being where I’m at professionally, but I just have an intense drive to learn and grow.  If I didn’t spend at least a few minutes reading an article or book or watching a video or listening to a podcast related to my field, I would feel guilty as if I failed to outwork those I’m trying to beat out.  And I’m sure once I secure myself through a permanent teaching/coaching position I’ll continue to have this anxiety because I’ll feel that I’ll be fighting to keep that position.  So better developing relationships is something I’m working on.

Also, Stephen Covey discusses how people generally have 4 needs.

  1. Live: has to do with the body and welfare of the family
  2. Love: the need to love, be loved, to belong, to feel accepted, to be part of something
  3. Learn: the need to keep growing, to develop, to be recognized for your talents
  4. Leave a Legacy: has to do with the spiritual need for meaning, that your life matters and makes a difference

I completely agree with this and stole it from him to create my blog title.  Also, I had to add a fifth…


Adding onto my previous post about how strength is a skill that needs to be developed (HERE), I stumbled on a study that I found reading an article by Dean Somerset (HERE).  This study, (PubMed), concluded that there is a direct correlation between grip strength and independent living ability in the elderly.  Another study, (PubMed), showed that when spinal posture worsens (inability to maintain an erect posture), it increases the need for dependence on assisted living.  This study, (PubMed), showed how hip strength was a better predictor of function of elderly women than just having lean muscle mass.

So as we are all wanting to live life to the fullest, strength is an important quality of fitness that will enable you to stay healthy and active well into your later stages of life more so than any other measure of fitness.  I don’t know about you, but I sure plan on living until the day I die.  I plan on enjoying my life, during my 70-90s, in Hawaii with Amanda creating experiences!

You want to get more stable through your joints? GET STRONGER! Remember that strength is the cement that holds together both mobility and stability as your joints move through its range of motion.

You want to run faster and jump higher? GET STRONGER!

You want to be more agile and change directions quicker? GET STRONGER!

But how strong is strong?  When am I strong enough?  For most of you healthy individuals, here are some standards by Dan John in a previous post (HERE)

In closing, I want to welcome you all to my new blog and I welcome any feedback.

  • Read or listen to Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, JUST DO IT!!
  • Set some time to reflect and work on personal development activities that Covey suggests such as creating a mission statement and prioritizing on tasks that are high on your priority list
  • Strength is a fundamental characteristic you need to have to live life to its fullest
  • Get Strong!!
  • No really, stop reading and go get STRONG!



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