Don’t complicate, keep it simple!

How about Germany, they were the better team during the World Cup this year.  Much like when the Spurs beat the big 3 of the Miami Heat with one of them being the top player in the NBA.  Same goes for Seattle Seahawks, the underdogs, when they beat the Denver Broncos with the best player in Peyton Manning.  It goes to show that a united team or group of people are always stronger than individuals.

We have reached the 2nd half of the year and if you are like most people, our new year’s resolution we made up 6 months ago are pretty much out the window…or are they?

See the great thing about living in today’s society is that information is so readily available that it’s amazing!  In my youth, the birth and infancy of the internet, information was not so readily available.  I had to go through encyclopedias, books from the library, and magazines to collect information.  Now, I bust out my phone and look up anything I want by punching it up on Google.

With an overabundance of information, a skill that needs to be developed is the ability to filter.

Back in the 1990s, carbohydrates, especially whole grains, were seen as the greatest macronutrient and it was the foundation of our diet.  Now carbs are looked upon as evil.

Coffee was considered bad and now it’s considered good.

Eggs were considered good, then bad, back to good, bad, and then to good.

Your choice of diets range from Paleo, Atkins, Cookie diet, Nutrisystem, South Beach, Grape Fruit, Vegan and its variations, to whichever ones I left out.

With training programs you have your choice of running, group classes including bootcamps, cross fit, bodybuilding, weightlifting (olympic), powerlifting, yoga, pilates, MMA, and all the others.

Can you say information overload! No wonder most people don’t have a clue what to do or can’t stick to one thing because they are just too overwhelmed by the endless amount of options out there.

There are only 25 weeks still left for this year.  If your goal is to work out 3 times a week, that’s 75 total workouts for the remainder of this year.  So with that in mind, just do something!  If you’re not used to doing anything, it doesn’t really matter how you start.  Walk, run, crawl, carry heavy objects, climb, swim, bike, or whatever, just do something.

I like to keep my life simple.  I strive to be a minimalist.  I don’t want a bunch of clothes or want my garage filled up with memorabilia from when I was a kid.  I don’t care for a fancy car to show off or a big house.  My training is the same way.  I don’t do anything fancy such as squat on a stability ball or hang myself upside down to get my rear end to touch the bar I’m hanging off of.

For most part of the year, my training consists of the following done twice a week:

Turkish get ups

Barbell complex (rows, snatch/clean, press, squat, hinge)

1 or 2 of the big movements: squat, deadlifts, bench, press

Auxiliary lifts, my weak areas (if time permits)

‘Core’ exercises

The other day during the week, I mess around with going a bit heavier on the barbell complex or do 100 reps of KB swings. It allows me to stay fit enough to perform my duties as a teacher, coach, and trainer.  So yes, I’m happy with it.

For your nutrition, keep it simple as well.  If you think of your body as a vehicle and food as fuel, make sure you put in quality foods that you deserve based on your activity level.  No, sitting on the couch all day watching the world cup soccer game doesn’t burn enough calories to justify you eating at a buffet for dinner.

In closing, don’t over complicate things.  Don’t think in terms of a dichotomy, black and white or good and bad.  Every individual is unique and different so what works for someone may not work for someone else.  Much of everything has a place, but like many things in life, it all depends.  Learn to keep things simple and focus on 1 task at a time.


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