If you are interested in improving your fitness under my guidance, please contact me at

Please provide me with the following:

  • Brief introduction
  • Fitness goals
  • Past history of injuries/medical information
  • Past training history
  • Accessibility to gym

Under the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), I am certified as:

  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

On-line Training Service

  • Only for previous personal training clients I worked with in-person as you need to have a basic foundation
  • 4 week training program so you take the guess work out of your workouts
  • Unlimited contact via email and phone
  • General nutrition guide if needed
  • Accountability





“When I began training with Albert Lim in December 2012 I had a shoulder injury that was 20 years old. I had pain in my shoulder when I used my left arm for almost anything. My body had learned how to deal with this by using my other arm to do the majority of the work, allowing the muscles in my left shoulder to become very weak, not only causing pain, but also causing my posture to be extremely poor and it negatively affected the rest of the muscles in my body. I was thin, but not eating right to stay healthy and strong.

Right away Albert began working on the shoulder, core, and back muscles to strengthen them, instead of ignoring them. Also he taught me that eating correctly was more important than being so thin.  A muscular, fit woman looks (and feels) much better that a skinny one.  At first it was tough, but Albert has been very compassionate as he motivated me to push through and keep working, and eating.  Now, a year later, I have no pain in my left shoulder at all, and my strength in my body has increased exponentially.

I am lifting weights I never dreamed I could lift, I feel great, motivated, fit, and empowered.  I have surpassed all my goals and have set more, so that they can be surpassed.  My posture is great and I can wear sleeveless tops without embarrassment.

As much as I am pleased about my progress in the gym, I am thrilled that my home and work life has also been positively impacted. I can lift things at home, work and shopping that I had to ask for help with before.  I love being able to say, “No”, when someone says, “Do you need help with that?”  I can go out to eat and enjoy my food without guilt.

I am stronger than I have ever been, less stressed, more confident, and more fit and healthy.  Albert has given those gifts to me through his incredible knowledge and motivational skills, (and patience).  I am empowered.  I am motivated to continue this journey as long as I live.” – Pat M (Dairy Farm Controller and Proud Grandmother)



“My name is Nathan Chen and I am an international figure skating competitor. I began training with Albert in 2012.  When I first began training, I wanted to build up a better strength foundation and prepare for the next season. We began with a few simple exercises in which I struggled with. After a few workouts I started to notice definite improvement, not only in my workouts but also in my figure skating training sessions. I was able to jump higher, land stronger, and do various difficult elements. Everything was beginning to look very good until I got injured. I began to feel the symptoms of a growth issue in the knee called Osgood-Schlatter disease. Through a proper training program, after the workouts I would always feel a lot better. After my figure skating season ended, we changed up the workout program to prepare my body for the next season. Albert made sure that this season I wouldn’t get injured and so he made the workout very specific, and he made sure that my body was getting the right nutrition. The main thing that he taught me from my previous season was that more is not always better. In sense don’t over do things, be a bit more conservative.” – Nathan C. (2-time U.S. junior men’s national champion)

Eric Acciani Weight Loss Pic

“Albert has been a great mentor to me over the past few years. Working with him has taught me how to be a better leader, as no one has better leadership skills. When I decided to change to a healthy lifestyle Albert was there for me every step of the way. He offered encouragement, advice, and gave me a plan and all the tools to change my life.

Since I started 6 months ago, I have lost 85 pounds and have begun to change my body composition. Albert made me believe in myself. Every aspect of my life is better since I started working with him. Without the advice and support of Albert, none of this would be possible. I look forward to my continual improvement under the guidance of Coach Lim!”
– Coach Eric A. (Varsity Football Offensive Coordinator, DBHS)




Raven Fat Loss Pic

“My fitness goal is to lose weight gained from my pregnancy and to regain my confidence. During the start of my fitness journey, I weighed 258lbs and I’m currently at 219lbs. I want to be at 165lbs by the end of the year. Incorporating fitness into my life makes me feel more energized and knowledgeable about my body. It has motivated me to be a more proactive person and encourages me to have self discipline. Being able to work with a personal trainer impacted my life in a positive way. I  had a wake up call to re commit to myself and change my lifestyle. Albert gave me tools to help me with my goals and was very supportive. My advice for others is to take the first step towards their goal, keeping it realistic and simple. Maybe it’s to opt for that bottle of water rather than that can of soda. It doesn’t have to be too complex. Don’t be intimidated to succeed. I think what’s toxic is the excuses that come out of your mouth rather than what you put in it.- Raven L. (Retail manager/ Mother)



Brian Sanchez Pic

“Coach Lim prepared me in many ways but I believe he helped me most by teaching me to become a better man. It wasn’t just focusing on the workouts, he taught us life lessons everyday. Coach Lim prepared us that one day football isn’t going to be there for us and you’re going to have to find something else to make you happy.

He was a major factor on how fast I recovered from my ACL and MCL surgery during my senior year of high school.  I rehabbed with him almost every day to be able to be on the field at full speed 6 months after surgery.  He also vastly improved my technique on all of my lifts.  Before Coach Lim, I used to do them how I thought they were suppose to be done and usually ended up getting injured and therefore sat out lengthy periods of time.  Now I’m usually teaching people at my college on how to do the lifts correctly.  He taught me how to train smart and how rest is just as important as the workouts.

My body control improved the most from my hips to my hand eye coordination. I am able to control my body more fluently, by being able to break out of cuts cleanly to jump at full speed and locate the ball in the air. I also improved greatly in my explosion. By focusing on big lifts, using multiple muscles,  we noticed a huge increase in our muscle growth.” – Brandon S. (Student-Athlete, Citrus College)

Taylor Harkness“My fitness goals were to lose weight, improve my nutrition, and become stronger. Personal training helped me gain more confidence in myself because I was able to see the results in my physical appearance that I hadn’t quite been able to achieve before.  Before signing up for personal training, I’d try some weight machines here and there but I didn’t know how to use most of them so I felt unsure of myself in front of others. I would revert back to cardio and I wasn’t getting the results that I felt I should have after several months. Now, I’m able to workout right along all the weight lifters and not feel insecure.  I also began to focus on my nutrition, which has made me a lot healthier. I was a big soda drinker and ate fast food frequently and after being challenged to cut back and eliminate some of my bad habits, I hardly ever drink soda and most fast food now sounds unappealing to me now.

Reaching a new fitness level has improved my life outside the gym with work and my health. For many years I knew I wanted to go into law enforcement, I always knew I had the background to get in but before training I did not have the physical ability to make it. The correctional officer fitness exam is the same for men and women and is not a test you can just show up to and expect to pass, especially being a woman. After training with Albert I passed it with no problems. Prior to my personal training, my health had been a problem I had been dealing with a lot and since he had me focus on my nutrition I have been getting healthier and my immune system is a lot stronger.

The most valuable part of my training has been nutrition; you won’t see the same results if you don’t take steps to correct your eating and drinking habits. I definitely would recommend training with Albert to my family and friends. Albert is an exceptional trainer, he makes sure that he understands your goal and customizes your sessions to what you want to achieve. I always looked forward to each session because he makes them challenging and fun. Before signing up for training I had my reservations about it because I was very shy and insecure, I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money since I would still have to be the one to hold myself accountable for doing the workouts and following my nutritional goals. Albert is very easy to work with and as shy as I am, he always made me feel comfortable; from the first training session he knew how to work perfectly with my personality and kept me focused on my workouts and not others around me. Albert always made sure I understood each exercise by explaining which muscles I should be working and where I shouldn’t be feeling any strain which helped when I was working out by myself to correct my form and become stronger. He helps to keep you motivated and is there to help you throughout the whole process.” – Taylor H. (Retail)

George Katrib USC Pic

“All of the lifts I did in high school translated into college. During high school, I learned how to perform a variety of different lifts with great technique and form. Most of these lifts were Olympic style lifts and learning them in great detail in high school really gave me an advantage when I entered USC’s football program.  A lot of the lifts, such as front squat and rear foot elevated split squat, I believe really helped me with my speed and power. My 40 time, pro agility, and vertical all improved dramatically after I began training with Coach Lim and his program. I felt my body getting stronger and I was able to compete at a higher level.” – George K. (Student-Athlete, University of Southern California)



Brian Drulias Pic

“Coach Lim’s high school strength and conditioning program has prepared me for the next level in a huge way. “Attention to detail” this is Coach Lim’s favorite quote and is basically what his whole philosophy is based off of. Coach Lim never throws kids into things unprepared, he makes sure that they are properly stretched, warmed up and then makes sure that they have perfect form on everything. He prides himself in form for everything that he teaches and established that same pride of form into me. As a kicker probably the two most important things for me are attention to detail and my form and that is exactly what Coach Lim taught me over the years. Lim still to this day coaches me up and checks in on me and it is very evident that none of his philosophies have changed at all.

Some specific skills that I feel I have improved on are my power and speed. Going into my senior year I gained 25 lbs. of muscle from Coach Lim’s workouts and also his nutrition advice that he constantly shared with us on a daily basis. All my maxes were at the highest they had ever been before and by a huge margin. My speed was a very surprising improvement especially since I am only a kicker. Before my senior year testing I had never gotten a 4 second 40. On my 40 my senior year, I ran a 4.82 and was very impressed by the improvements that I had shown under Coach Lim. My power has increasingly gotten better through Coach Lim’s strength program; he always wanted us to focus on speed while still maintaining perfect form of course. The power that I have developed through Lim’s coaching has shown in my kicking and the extra distance that was the result in the workouts.

In my personal opinion I have never been around a coach that wants each and every player and student for that matter to be so successful. This success is not just for sports but is for academics and life. One of his main preaching points is making goals and working towards them. Now many people say this often but I have seen kids effected by these words and have changed their lives because of it.  I am one of them.” – Brian D., (Student-Athlete, Northern Arizona University)


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